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Welcome to Verge of Independence Project (VIP), a progressive change

initiative that uses multimedia to promote the independence, self-advocacy, 

and social confidence of autistic young adults! 


"Did you know that nearly 800,000 young adults in the U.S. are affected by autism?" Learn more about

autism and resources on our About Autism page.


Established in 2009, VIP aims to help autistic young adults in discovering that Connections Matter. You, too, can make the discovery by exploring this resourceful site. 


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    Once entering the zone, you’ll be able to focus on empowering platforms that lead to gaining independence. 

    We want to keep you charged up by presenting encouraging web and podcast interviews! Take a listen to our kick-off interview with Kevin Carroll, bestselling author of "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball!"

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    "Don't Cut Corners...Unless It's Cake"  Blog

    Presented by Blogger, Autism Self-Advocate 
    Melissa Lushington


                                 Hi, VIPers!

                                                    In the first of the new year, our blog was relaunched,                                                           with its new name -"Don't Cut Corners...Unless It's Cake"                                                 (formerly The Click/Clique Blog). Each month you can look

                                 forward to receiving a sweet slice of wisdom that speaks to                                                 autistic adults and to those who support them. Check out the 

                                 blogs by clicking on the cake, atop. The blog for March addresses                                     the familiar feelings of depression which autistic people often go

                                 through alone.                                      



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