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Welcome to Verge of Independence Project (VIP), a progressive change

initiative that uses multimedia to promote the independence, self-advocacy, and social confidence of autistic young adults! 


"Did you know that nearly 800,000 young adults in the U.S. are affected by autism?" Learn more about autism and resources on our 

About Autism page.


Established in 2009, VIP aims to help autistic young adults in discovering that Connections Matter. You, too, can make the discovery by exploring this resourceful site. 

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    Exercise Your Independence by Answering for Yourself the Following Question:      

                                "What does independence mean to me?" 

          I am autistic and a self-advocate. I am also the cofounder of Verge of Independence Project and its autism ambassador. For me, independence means, having the freedom to discover and embrace my different abilities.


         My interests are listening to all kinds of good music, playing musical instruments, swimming, skating, bowling, golfing, traveling, being around trees, attending; concerts, performances and sporting events, exploring jobs, spending time with my family   and friends, and learning and participating in the voting process."


         Verge of Independence Project/VIP was created for autistic young adults to have the freedom to express themselves. So, check out The VIP VoxPop, where you can hear and share your thoughts on living and leading as an autisticindividual. 

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    The Vip Blog

    "Don't Cut Corners...Unless It's Cake"  Blog

    Presented by Blogger, Autism Self-Advocate 
                        Melissa Lushington

     Hi, VIPers!

     Welcome to the "Don't Cut Corners...Unless It's Cake" Blog! On the first   Wednesday of each month, you can look forward to receiving news and   information along with a sweet slice of wisdom that speaks to autistic adults   and to those who support them."

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    Vip zone & Podcast

    Produced by the Verge of Independence Project Team

     Once entering the zone, you’ll be able to focus on empowering platforms that supports and leads to gaining independence.

    We want to keep you charged up by presenting encouraging web and podcast interviews! Take a listen to our kick-off interview with Kevin     "Katalyst" Carroll, bestselling author of "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball!"

    Live Your Dreams and Be Inspired...

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