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The word Vox Populi abbreviated as Vox Pop is a Latin phrase that means the voice of the people. Sound off... Share your expressions of independence.

























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About Verge of Independence Song: 

Commissioned by the Verge of Independence Project's co-founders, who wanted a theme song to capture the tone and verve of the project's multimedia components. Stormy Ramsey wrote and produced the "Verge of Independence Song." 

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I'm on the

Verge of



          - Branford



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In his book "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball," author Kevin Carroll wrote about how kicking a red rubber ball helped him understand how much sports was going to be a part of his life. "What is YOUR red rubber ball?" 

What does independence mean to you???

"To me independence means that you do not allow any circumstance or experience to prevent you from moving forward and/or accomplishing your dream or goal."

Stormy, Philadelphia, PA

"Independence…freedom from judgments, and celebrating diversity!"

Cass, Richmond, VA

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