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With a pulse on what it takes for one to transition into adulthood, VIP focuses on the following empowerment platforms:




                      Pictured: Center - Dr. Temple Grandin with Verge of Independence Project founders 

  •  Voting – It’s absolutely your right … as a young adult challenged by                       autism, voting empowers you to advocate for yourself.  It is also                                      the gateway to having positive outcomes on other key platforms                                   that impact you.​

  • Health and Wellness/*Speech Therapy – As impaired communication is the common thread of people on the autism spectrum, *speech therapy is essential in the development of one’s ability to communicate effectively.

  • Work – Explore jobs/careers that provide diversity and inclusion and create mutual benefit for both you and your employer. Congress designated each October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. 

  • Socialization – Everyone deserves to be happy! And, according to Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal scientist, who is on the autism spectrum, “The happiest people on the spectrum socialize with others who have some shared interests.” 




VIP ZONE Podcast - Episode 1 on Rules of the Red Rubber Ball










In seeking solutions to many of the problems that are unique to people on the spectrum, VIP is committed to presenting webcast and podcast interviews, featuring influential thought leaders. These interviews will be posted here on the VIP Zone page.


We invite you to listen to the exciting podcast interview with Kevin Carroll, author of his bestselling Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. The high-energy Carroll talks about finding and sustaining one's life's work and the development of one's independence. Overall, he encourages listeners to claim, nurture, and live out their dreams!

Listen to our first official Podcast with Kevin Carroll

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